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Who is Switch Global?

Switch Global is made up of a team of AV professionals with a passion for helping our clients communicate with their audience more efficiently and effectively


Our goal has always been to help optimize the environments in which our clients work and reach out to one another - and that starts with our name.

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Connecting People Through Technology

Switch Global is made up of two words - each representing the value and targets of the company from a human and technological perspective.

Switch    Is the attempt to integrate the change or 'switch' between different kinds of technology.  However, that focus does not stop there.  It also must include the human factor.  We seek to truly understand the connection and relationship between the technology and the user.  It all comes down to usability and fully understanding the base principle of what our clients' goals are, and how to best implement them in their environments.


Global    Represents an all-encompassing approach to connect people beyond geographical limitations.  We are social creatures by nature and technology is only accepted if the human factor is the primary consideration.  You can have the best technology on hand but it is rendered worthless without a human and - most importantly - personal connection.

What kinds of connections do you want to make with your staff and clients?  Our team of experts is ready to help you create a one-of-a-kind solution that best meets your technological and communication needs.  Give us a call or e-mail us - let's collaborate!

Skills, Certifications, & Expertise:

Switch Global is comprised of a team of AV professionals that strive to bring out the best in our solutions and ourselves. With 100+ years of combined AV/IT industry experience, you can trust us to create systems that will meet and exceed your goals.

We encourage our team members to not only excel at what they are good at, but also to expand their range of expertise. Many of our members hold the following certifications, among many others…

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Official Georgia State Contract Supplier

Switch Global, LLC is officially recognized as an approved supplier on the Georgia State Contract for state universities and government departments.  You can find us under:


Audiovisual Equipment and Related Services Solicitation

  • Contract Number: 99999-SPD-SPD0000210-0017

TIPS Certified

Switch Global is a proud member of TIPS, a national purchasing cooperative that offers access to competitively procured purchasing contracts to its membership for government and educational organizations.

Learn more about TIPS here. 

Be sure to use the following codes when working with Switch Global on TIPS projects:

  • Audio Visual Equipment, Supplies, and Services:    220704

  • Academic and Educational Goods and Services___230807

  • Consulting:                                                 ________  210602

  • Technology Solutions & Product Services:   ______ 220105

  • Telephone Communications and Data Solutions:   240303

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