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New ways to teach and learn with Wacom interactive tablets

As the leaders in intuitive, easy-to-use digital pen technology, Wacom and Switch Global are helping schools & universities keep up with the pace of change through state-of-the-art, interactive tablets. These easy to use, designed-for-education products boost collaboration; creating a classroom feel - even when you’re not in one. Designed to work seamlessly with your IT infrastructure, they’re proven performers in any learning scenario.

Great for Teachers and Students

  • Enables teachers to face the class while presenting

  • Connects easily to other classroom devices

  • Intuitive interface provides a smooth transition for digital teaching

  • Works with standard software and learning management systems

Digital transformation in the classroom starts at the front - with interactive pen displays for teachers. Connected to a PC or laptop, these pen-enabled devices allow teachers to create dynamic and engaging lessons, increase engagement and improve student's learning outcomes. Ideal for use in both K-12 and higher education institutions.

Click here to see all that Wacom tablets can do for your organization, and how to integrate this into your existing AV/IT systems.


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