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Nurture better interaction and engagement for hybrid work and learning environments

For many schools and businesses, hybrid teaching and virtual meetings are new normal. Oftentimes, individuals who normally excel in-person are finding themselves struggling with online lessons and meetings as they navigate a confusing maze of video calls, presentations, live chatting, document cameras and other challenges. Presenters need enough digital space to monitor chat rooms, manage video calls, share content, and create annotations simultaneously. That's why Switch Global is bringing you the ViewBoard ID Series from ViewSonic. With ViewBoard, both educators and work colleagues are empowered to create an engaging and interactive experience whether they’re meeting at home or in the classroom/boardroom. ViewBoard ID Series enables users to expand their digital desktop space, enhance workflow and easily engage and interact with students and team members. Click the video below for a more detailed look:

And for maximum flexibility and ease of use, we recommend the ViewSonic® USB-C monitor line. With high-performance in-cell touch technology, this full-HD display offers a single-cable plug-and-play solution for laptops and Chromebooks, while DisplayPort output enables easy screen mirroring or extended displays. Ideal for office productivity and podium touch applications in classrooms, the ID2455 helps to boost efficiency and productivity.

Contact Switch Global to find out all that ViewBoards can do for your organization, and how to integrate this into your existing AV/IT systems.


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