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Switch Global Modernizes National Humanities Center Lobby

The National Humanities Center is a unique, independent academic research institute devoted to advancing humanistic study and discovering insights that are made to both inside and outside the academic world. Located in Research Triangle Park, NC, the center is available to professors and independent scholars who seek to further the understanding of humanities as a field of study. Although the institution receives upwards of 600 applications a year, only 32-38 are accepted as residential fellowships for the academic year.

A more modern solution

Every year, the lauded institution takes a group photo of the fellowship class and has done so since its founding in 1978. These photos were displayed in the Center’s main lobby, but with an increasing lack of wall space and many of the older photos becoming sun damaged, the Center wanted a more modern and simpler solution.

Switch Global was chosen to create a more modern solution that would better fit the lobby’s recent renovations. Stephanie L. Tucker, CFO & Vice President for Operations, at the center describes the project with, “We originally had about 42 pictures hanging, with some of them looking quite old and yellowed by the sun. This did not match our recent renovation of a more clean, minimalist appearance, so we wanted something more aesthetically pleasing and digital.”

Unprecedented service

With these goals in mind, Switch Global designed, delivered, and installed a solution featuring (4) 65’’ Ultra slim, Planar LED SL6564K screens with smart mounts. As part of the company’s commitment to client satisfaction, this project was also completed with a quick turn-around time even with a global supply chain challenge. Tucker comments on this in saying,

“Switch Global was incredibly easy to work with. Only 3 weeks after our initial
conversation, the new displays were fully up and running. Nothing happens that quick and seamless anymore – and as often as the word is thrown around, the level of service we received was truly unprecedented!”

Now featuring the past class photos in rotating digital images, the new displays modernize the building and at the same time, showcase the history of the center. Tucker continues in saying, “The new lobby, complete with these new displays - it’s amazing how uncluttered and clean it feels. We’ve had a very positive response from both scholars and the staff - it fits the modernization of the place wonderfully!”


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