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High-engagement displays for every space

In the world of today, high-impact visuals are everywhere - in our workspaces, travel hubs, even in our own homes. With our everyday environments so saturated, it can become increasingly difficult to hold your audience's attention when it matters most. Fortunately, Switch Global is bringing you an all-in-one display that thrives in virtually any environment.

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Manufactured by Planar, The UltraRes™ L Series 136 LED display combines ease-of-use, best-in-class video processing, and award-winning fine pitch viewing technology into one seamless visual solution.  Available through Switch Global, the display comes with a wall mount and can be quickly assembled with only two people. It features on-board processing, audio, power from only one 110V cable, native multi-point touch and multiple inputs to support simultaneous viewing of up to four content sources. And if you'd like to make this a mobile solution, an optional rolling floor stand is also available.


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Multi-Source Viewing

Planar® MediaPlex™ Plus Processing enables advanced multi-source viewing, image adjustments, remote monitoring and e-mail alerts. It supports picture-in-picture, dual, triple, or quad layouts and storable preset configurations that can be recalled with one command.

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Always-On Reliability

Displays are designed for mission-critical environments where displays need to withstand extended or continuous operation and deliver exceptional performance day and night.

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Get Interactive

For in-room collaboration, an accurate, built-in 10-point touch system supports multiple simultaneous users, and the display is designed for frequent touch-based use.


All-in-One is All You Need

The LED display features on-board processing, integrated speakers, native multi-point touch and multiple inputs to support simultaneous viewing of up to four content sources.


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