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Whether you are a small specialist facility or an organization with cross-location networking and different disciplines – with LX, you have a virtual 'lab expert' for all your information and testing processes.

Laboratory software that adapts optimally to your needs. Thanks to the flexible structure of our LX needs based on the modular principle. 

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Your virtual Lab eXpert assistant

LX - The first-choice for laboratory software

We create customized software solutions for your laboratories and facilities, guiding you every step of the way, from conception - to implementation - to daily use.

Our laboratory clients

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"Through our long-term collaboration with labsolution, we have built good relationships. Thanks to a strong, mutual basis of trust, an open and honest exchange is possible. It creates an atmosphere in which new ideas can be exchanged and problems can be addressed. Thank you for this productive cooperation!"

Dr. sc. nat. Mara Ceragioli and Dr. sc. nat. Petra Wöhler
- IT Projects

Our team

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Since its inception, the LX software program has been one of the very best software solutions for medical laboratories and facilities.  We're excited to add this bespoke and finely polished product to North America.

Arthur Jenni, CTS-D/I, DMC-D/E-4K

- President of Switch Global

Our team

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Switch Global is made up of a team of technology professionals with a passion for helping our clients enhance and optimize their working environments through customized solutions.


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