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LX Modules - one customizable solution for all of your departments

Routine Module.jpg

Routine - The reliable baseline for your every-day reports.

Our routine module combines tried and tested concepts from routine laboratory work with a simple, workstation-based approach. From order entry to archiving, this module offers you everything you need to process routine orders. Handy automations make everyday operations particularly efficient.

Microbiology Module.jpg

Thanks to its tree structure, our microbiology module is characterised by a particularly clear visual representation of all steps, from the culture medium to the germ and finally to the antibiogram. Intermediate report management is particularly important in this module, as the order duration can extend over a longer period of time.

Microbiology - Keeping track of what's under the microscope

Cytology Module.jpg

Cytology - Gynecological cytology with various options for individualization

Our cytology module can be perfectly adapted to the needs of your cytology laboratory thanks to its particularly high degree of customization. It also comes with a range of practical tools for handling recalls, histological clarifications, and statistical evaluations.

Immunohematology Module.jpg

Our immunohaematology module can be used for safe and controlled transfusion management in addition to testing immune reactions and blood group determinations to create comprehensive IH patient records. Thorough controls and repeat determinations ensure that the best possible protection against errors is guaranteed for every order.

Immunohaematology - 
Analysis and transfusion management

Pathology Module.jpg

Pathology - Detecting and documenting cell changes

Our pathology module combines the management of all histological work steps with a particularly efficient results entry - whether by dictation or via a user-friendly text editor. Also, the insight into previous results implemented specifically for this module provides pathologists with an optimal overview of all relevant information of each order.

Invoicing Module.jpg

Our invoicing module is optimized for simple billing of all laboratory services, taking into account country-specific fee schedules, official regulations, and directives.

LX also holds certifications for various international billing structures for enhanced compliance with world-wide organizations. Contact us for more information.

Invoicing Efficient billing for laboratory services from all modules


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